Tips for Holiday Stress

Whether you’re dreading a visit with that one family member you’ve avoided all year, or seeing your bank account after buying all those gifts, the holidays can bring a lot of stress. Try to take it one step at a time with these holiday themed stress relieving tips.


Don’t try to do everything.
There are countless holiday events, from tree-lighting ceremonies, to plays to caroling and more. It can be temping to take in everything the season has to offer, especially if friends or family are involved (which they usually are). Try to figure out which events are the most important to you so that you can take the time to actually enjoy them.

Treat yourself too.
If you’re the one playing Santa, don’t let yourself feel left out. Give yourself a little treat after you’ve faced the hectic environment of american shopping malls, like some chocolate or maybe relax with an at home spa treatment!



Don’t forget about next year.
If you’ve been rushing around to see everyone for holiday events, it can get depressing to see it all end in January. Try to make plans to get together with loved ones again after the holidays are over. The holidays are special, but they don’t have to be the only time to enjoy time with friends and family.

Make a budget.
It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to holiday spending. It’s nice to take advantage of holiday deals, but remember there’s also bound to be some extra holiday grocery shopping and transportation as well. Try to take advantage of gift exchanges (or Secret Santa) so you don’t have to worry so much about finding that perfect something for everyone. Or you can get small simple gifts (or stocking stuffers) that people can enjoy without breaking the bank.


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