How to Use

Keratin Gloves Are Easy To Use and Apply

Wash and dry hands thoroughly before application.
Great for home or travel use.
(Use same steps with Keratin Socks)

Slip On

Remove gloves from the package and slip the antiseptic gloves onto hands.  Safe to use on polished nails.


Smooth the keratin lotion into nails and around each cuticle. Leave the gloves on for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Results will improve with longer treatment time.

Remove Gloves

Peel the gloves off and dispose. Massage the excess cream onto hands and forearms.


Ready for Polish

Your hands and nails are ready for a polish application.


Keratin Gloves.

Pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home. Keratin Gloves can be applied while reading, watching TV or using your phone/tablet, as they are touch-screen friendly.

Keratin Socks.

See how easy it is to apply Keratin Socks. Just slip them on and relax while the keratin infusion smooths your skin. You’ll love the results!