Easy Hand Care Tips

There are plenty of tips about how to take care of your face and skin, but it can be easy to forget to take care of another very important part of your body, your hands.  Considering how much we use our hands, it’s important to care for them properly.  Everyday activities like washing your hands can easily damage your skin and cause your hands to look older.  Here are some easy tips to keep your hands healthy and beautiful.

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1. Take Vitamins
Or try to eat foods that are high in vitamin C, B and calcium. Vitamin C will help keep your skin firm by producing collagen, and vitamin B and calcium prevent nails from getting brittle.


2. Don’t forget sunscreen
Apply sunscreen all year long, particularly on your hands. Too much sun exposure on your hands can cause wrinkles and dark spots which make the skin look older.

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3. Love Gloves
Remember to wear gloves or mittens this winter to protect your hands from the cold weather. It’s also a good idea to use gloves when doing chores, like washing dishes or doing yard work. Chemicals, water and cold weather can all wreak havoc on your hands without protection.


4. Use Moisturizer
Since you can’t wear gloves all the time, try to moisturize regularly to re-hydrate your skin. Keep a moisturizing lotion near the sink to soften your hands after washing them, and try to use warm water when washing your hands to avoid drying them out too much. Don’t forget to moisturize your nails too!

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5. Treat Your Nails
Having beautiful nails is nice, but having healthy nails is much more important. Regular manicures are a great way to keep your nails healthy. It’s also a good idea to avoid biting your fingernails, keep nails clean, and try to avoid acetone based nail polish removers.


6. Keep a Hand Care Regimen
Protecting your hands in the winter is important, but try to take care of them all year round with simple steps and by using simple hand care treatments.

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